THIS IS how we do it!


Making an accessory that will be just right for you is the goal behind each and every product we make. Every accessory is put together one step and one piece at at time.  We know that every accessory we make is an intimate expression of a special person, an accessory to be cherished.      



Each item we make is designed in-house and hand crafted to achieve an outstanding accessory. The equipment we use enables us to develop our hand crafted products but we are not limited by what we can make for our customers. Our products will always reflect what our customers tell us they want their accessory to state.      


Hand selected and cut

The leather we use doesn't arrive on a lorry! Nor is it ordered online or selected from a catalogue. We know specifically where our leather comes from and how it has been cared for. We apply our decades of knowledge to selecting the exact grain, cut and colour of each piece of leather that we use to create the accessory you order.  



We believe in the balance between the right equipment, the right core "ingredients", and skilled, caring hands. We are dedicated to making every item as carefully and thoughtfully as if it was our first. As a GENDERTAG customer you will receive a product which, in its own way is unique. Just like you.      


your mission is our mission

Gender is your center


Defending Love is your right

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