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Without regard to gender, the feeling of being different is a common experience. GENDERTAG was founded on the belief that being "different" is a basic part of life itself. Too often when intolerance and bigotry cross our paths happiness can feel elusive.  We believe that when people can embrace and celebrate their true selves, leaving bias and prejudice behind, happiness becomes their companion.

GENDERTAG celebrates individuality. We support the right of every individual to express that individuality - and to be safe doing so.  These values define GENDERTAG and we are committed to supporting select NGOs, foundations and charities whose goals and ambitions align with ours. Our support is offered as a contribution. A percentage of every sale will be donated to the organisations we select whose goals are to promote individuality, safety and happiness.                     


GENDERTAG is in the process of selecting organisations eligible to receive our support. Let us know about any organisation you believe would benefit from our assistance before September 2019.