Frequently asked questions

Can i Pick my own combination of CRYSTALS?

Yes: We have 16 different crystal combinations for your choosing. These options are normally in stock and available for shipment. We want our products to represent you, so if you don’t see a product that’s right for you, we would like to know. Just email us and let us know what we are missing. If we have the crystals you would like to see, in stock, we will be happy to make it specially for you. Pricing may vary so contact us for details.

Can I have precious stones in place of the crystals you offer with your online products?

Yes: We are happy to customize our products, including the use of precious and semi-precious stones. Design contracts are available on request.

If i SELECT the wrong CRYSTAL can I change them out myself?

There is no need to try to change the crystals yourself, we are happy to do this for you. Just send any of our products back to us, pay shipping and a small handling charge and we will make the change for you. We want our product to be absolutely right for you. Just email us for instructions on how to ship your item back to us.

I have a stone of my own i would like to use, can you place it into one of your products for me?

Not all stones or crystals are suitable for installing and securing reliably on to our products. Additionally, depending on whether your stone would need to be shipped internationally will depend on which restrictions, customs limitations and charges will apply. Having said that, we understand how cherished personal stones are. It is a wonderful idea so we will always welcome your inquiry to see if we are able to make that a possibility for you. If you have a stone you would like to use, email us with a photo of the stone, size, type, cut, weight and which of our products you are considering. The more information you can provide the easier it will be of us to provide an initial assessment and response. We would love to accommodate your request if we can.

Can i select my own leather colour?

Yes: All of our leathers are selected for their high grade and beauty and come in a selection of colours. If you don’t see a colour that’s right for you and would like us to acquire a specific leather for you, please email us with your request. Additional design and material charges apply.