We believe in individuality: Creating products that celebrate your uniqueness with beautifully crafted fashion accessories. We craft each product we make with one purpose in mind: to help you express who you are without words: simply, elegantly and uniquely. From tags to bracelets, cell phone cases to tassels, the GENDERTAG you carry communicates who you are, easily, visibly and beautifully.



At the heart of every GENDERTAG product is the rainbow Pride ribbon which indicates that the wearer fully supports Pride and LGBTQ+. A single coloured crystal, picked from one of the Pride flag colours is used to represent a gender. You are able to select:-

  • Red for Lesbian

  • Orange for Gay

  • Yellow for Bisexual

  • Green for Transgender

  • Blue for Queer/Questioning

  • Violet for Plus (+) incorporating all other recognised gender types. 

  • A Grey crystal is used to represent Heterosexual.

Celebrating A relationship

Committing to a relationship has been expressed by the giving of a ring or a keepsake for thousands of years, GENDERTAG products also follows this tradition.

pride braclet.png

If you would like a Bracelet or a Tag as a commitment statement or gift, we would love to add a clear crystal, either shown alone or alongside any gender crystal.

When two crystals are shown together, the first crystal is always a coloured crystal representing gender with the second clear crystal indicating the wearer is in a committed relationship.